Random Strokes and Specific CharacteristicsThere are a few specific strokes that can tell us about the witer, that might or might not occur in the handwriting we are analyzing. Then we have some specific characteristics to look for…

Check everything that applies… but only if it applies exactly.



High ending strokes go up into the air above the other letters…


Noticeable, pointy-like hooks in lower case letters c, d, and/or a


An especially large lower case letter, like “k”, anywhere in the writing

Extra long t-bar (3 or more letters.)

The entire writing slants uphill as if the paper was turned (if using unlined paper).

The first letter of the signature is disproportionally larger than the other letters.

The first letter of the signature is smaller than, or about equal to, the rest of the letters in the signature.

The signature is underlined in some way.

The signature appears hurried and illegible.

The personal pronoun “I” seems significantly larger than other letters and words.