What does your child's handwriting tell you about them?
As  a person grows from a child to a mature adult, their handwriting also goes through changes. By analyzing a child’s or youth’s writing and the way it changes, a skilled graphologist can pinpoint areas of strength or struggle which can then be addressed.

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We offer two different basic services;

Comprehensive Juvenile Report

The Comprehensive Graphoanalysis of a person 17 years old or less. Includes a detailed analysis of all important traits and their influences on the individual’s basic emotional responses.

Periodic Comparative Report of Service

A follow-up report to the Comprehensive Juvenile Graphoanalysis to show changes based on a comparison with previous Graphoanalysis.

Submitting a Sample for Analysis

  1. Have the youth or child use their favorite ballpoint pen and a piece of white paper.
  2. If they are old enough to write well, have them write a full page about anything that interests them. Otherwise have them draw about something that intersts them.
  3. Have the parent or guardian write a brief sentence giving us permission to analyze the writing.
  4. Sign your names.
  5. Indicate the service desired.
  6. Include a check for appropriate service. (Check the Price List for the approriate amount).
  7. Send mail to the address listed below.